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Parish Boundries

Commencing at the intersection of Bayshore Freeway and Mansell Street, west along Mansell Street to LaCrande. South along LaCrande along imanginery line extended from LaCrande across McLaren Park, across Mt. San Bruno to a point where the imaginary line would meet the northern city boundaries of South San Francisco. Along this line to the east to a point at which this boundary intersects the line of San Francisco Bay. North along Bayshore Freeway to point of commencement.

The First Church of the Visitacion:1907

Visitacion Valley was discovered on July 2, 1777 by some Franciscan Fathers on their way to the Presidio in San Francisco but got lost in the fog. On the morning of the 2nd they found they wereon a rocky-slope. Here they said their first mass, on the feast of the Visitacion (on the large rock on Cora St. later called Indian Rock.) The valley lay idle until 1859 when the first people settled here.

The first American Governor of California was Peter H. Burnett 1807-1895. He built a home on Burnet Grove (now called, Church of the Visitacion). While he was there he entertained many high officials like President McKinley and Admiral Duvey. At that time one two hundred 'trees were on the property.

In 1923 the only Tourist camp in San Francisco opened here (church location). It was called "The S.F. Auto Camp". There were a total of, 40 cabins together with an abundance of text space. Most cabins were two rooms, kitchenette and bed room. The sanitary facilities were near by. The camp also had a Grocery Store, laundry room, and recreation hall.

In March of 1907, the archbishop established a new parish called Visitacion. Rev. McNoboe was appointed Pastor. Our first church was located on Cora St. between Sunnydale and Visitacion. First mass was Passion Sunday (March 1907). This church was used seven months.

The Second Church of the Visitacion: 1909-1919

Our second church was located on the corner of Visitacion and Loehr Streets. This was a shingled frame building about 80 feet long and 30 feet wide. This location was about ten years.

The third piece of property was three corner lots: Raymond and Delta and Leland and Delta Streets. The second church was torn down; the material was used to build the third church on Raymond and Delta. It opened with a high mass on Christmas Day 1919.


The Third Church of the Visitacion:

In 1945 the church bought the San Francisco Auto Camp as their fourth church. The work started in March 1951. A church, rectory and hall were built. On April 20, 1952, Archbishop John Mitty dedicated the new church



The Fourth Church of the Visitacion: 1952 to Present

In 1960 the church was paid for. The Mother's Club had the honor of sending the first $1000.00 to the Chancery Office toward our soon to be built parish school.

During the construction of the school, the old governor's house had to be torn down. It was in the way plus more trees had to come down. The school was dedicated by Archbishop Joseph McGucken, April 1, 1963.


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